Conditions - LEDart





I.          General statements:


1.         A person who is 18 years old at least may place an order at the inerent sore LEDart.


2.    All trademarks used at the site were used only for informative purposes and

belong to their owners.


3.         The goods return address is : ul. Józefińska 11, 30-529 Kraków.



II.         Orders


1.         According to these Regulations an order is a will statement of the Buyer, who is going to close a sale contract for goods at a distance by means of an internet shop, defining type and number of goods.


2.         An order can be placed 24 hours a day over the whole year. After placing an order the Client receives a confirmation via the internet, or by phone within 24 hours in the case of business days. Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday, or on Holidays will be dealt with on the next business day.


3.         A necessary condition to carry out an order if a correct filling out of an address from available at the store’s site. The orderer will be informed of its reception by phone and/or by e-mail. Orders which cannot be confirmed within 48 hours, will not be carried out.  A confirmed order cannot be annulled.   


4.         The store has the right to verify an order or to annul it, in the case of a Buyer, who earlier did not collect the ordered article, or when the authenticity of the order is in doubt.


5.         Completion of an order begins at the moment of book keeping of the payment in the bank account of the LEDart company Anna Kołomyjska, in the case of bank transfers, or when  electronically/by phone the data from the order from were confirmed in the case of collect payment.


6.         Dispatch of goods to the Orderer’s address follows within 1-5 business days from the time when realization of the order began.


7.         An order will be carried out on the condition that the merchandise is in the warehouse, or at the shop’s supplier. If the ordered goods is not in warehouse, the Buyer will be informed of that without delay, and is offered the opportunity to choose other goods, or to accept a longer realization time (if the goods are available later), or to cancel his order.   


8.         The Buyer may introduce changes to his order via contact with the technical personnel until the time the invoice for the goods has been made out.


9.         The shop is not responsible for purchase by a third party at the expense of the abused person.


10.       The Seller does his best to ensure that the photographs, description, and technical data of the products in shop were true to reality as much as possible. When some technical parameters are changed by manufacturer, or the price of a product is changed, the service personnel are obliged to inform the Buyer at once, or to enable him cancellation of the order.



III.        The price:


1.         All prices of products shown at the internet shop site are expressed in Polish zloty (PLN), and include the VAT tax.


2.         The prices do not include information of the expedition cost.


3.         The information about the total price will be given to the Buyer when he has chosen the delivery type and manner of payment.


4.         The shop has the right to modify the prices, or to remove them from the offer, and to undertake, prevent, or modify promotional actions. Orders placed before the date the price, promotional action, or sales were changed, will be carried out on hitherto conditions.  


5.         As for promotional products whose quantity is limited, orders are carried out according to the sequence of conformed orders, as long as the promotional stock is exhausted. The Seller has the right to limit the quantity of ordered promotional goods, has also the right to remove some products from internet site for unforeseeable phenomena.



IV.       Conditions and cost of delivery:


1.         The Orderer has the right to choose how the goods are delivered or collected:

-           they can be collected personally in our office in Krakow, at ul. Jozefińska 11

-           they can be delivered as a courier postal matter

-           they can be delivered as a priority mail by Poczta Polska

-           they can be delivered by means of Package Dispensers


2.         The mode of delivery of goods is decided on by the Orderer. Goods ordered at the internet shop are sent to the address given by the Clieny, as written in the registry form or in the single order form.


3.         Ordered goods are delivered by forwarding company DPD / Poczta Polska / Package Dispensers (Paczkomaty). The cost of expedition by DPD depends on the type of payment, and is:

•   18.00 PLN (gross) - prepayment by bank transfer

•   25.00 PLN (gross) - payment on collection


 The cost of expedition by Poczta Polska (priority mail matter):

•   12.00 PLN (gross) - prepayment by bank transfer

•   17.00 PLN (gross) - payment on collection

The cost of expedition by Package Dispensers (Paczkomaty):

•  10.00 PLN (gross) – prepayment by bank transfer.


4.         When the value of order exceeds 1,000.00 PLN (gross), the cost of expedition is covered by the shop.  


5.         The Seller does not bear financial liability for non-delivery because of wrongly given address by the Orderer. In such a situation the Buyer is requested to pay for expedition again; otherwise the order is cancelled.


6.         All expeditions are insured in case of damage during transportation. The insurance expires when the shipment has been collected by the receiver. The Buyer is advices to check the contests of the package in the presence of forwarder. Should the Buyer notice any damage, he writes a reclamation protocol provided by the forwarder.



V.        Payment


1.         There are two possible manners of payment for the ordered goods.

- prepayment – transfer after acceptation of order by the LEDart company Anna Kołomyjska, before expedition. The payment should be effected as a bank transfer to the account of the LEDart company Anna Kołomyjska given below; the transfer should be entitled as ID of the order and the surname of the Orderer.


mBank 98 1140 2004 0000 3602 7436 7946

LEDart Anna Kołomyjska
ul. Józefińska 11
30-529 Kraków


- on collection – payment is effected when the goods are collected.


2.         When personalized product is ordered (other dimensions than offered, or with submitted by the Orderer photograph/graphics) the only possible payment is prepayment.


3.         When the payment is effect on time (payment for ordered goods), the Seller may hold back the expedition or delay as long as the payment is effected. The Seller does not bear any liability for delays caused by the Buyer being behind with his payment.


4.         Completion of order – when an order is paid by transfer – it starts after book keeping of the payment in the bank account. The maximal term of waiting for payment is 7 days. After that date the order is cancelled.



VI.       Guarantee, Seller’s liability, returns:


I.          Withdrawal from a contract:


1.         According to the act dated 2 March 2000 referring to protection of some consumers’ right and to liability for damage caused by hazardous product ((Dz. U. nr 22 poz. 271 with later changes), the Consumer has the right to withdraw from a contract without naming the reason by sending a written statement within 10 days from the day when the goods were collected.


2.         The statement mentioned in point 1 can be made via mail sent to , or by post sent to the dress given below:


ul. Józefińska 11
30-529 Kraków


The returned goods should sent back to the above address.


3.         The shop will refund the Buyer’s payment without delay, i.e. no later then after 14 days, as a bank transfer to the account provided by the Buyer. The Buyer is obliged to return the goods in status intact, along with the purchase proof (e.g. VAT invoice). The good should be returned no later than after 14 days from the day the statement about withdrawal from contact was made. The return is effected at the Buyer’s expense.


4.         The return right does refer to business entities.


5.         In the case return or reclaim of goods which were accompanied by free promotional goods (gratis), the Buyer is obliged to return also the gratis material. In the case of refusal, the shop will cover the cost of reclaimed products minus the value of gratis goods – according the gratis price. 


II.         Reclamation during validity of guarantee.


1.         All goods available at shop are gated for 24 months. The guarantee is valid from the date of purchase of product.


2.         The guarantee does not include usual wear, which may be expected after daily exploitation of product. Guarantee does not include any mechanical damages (tears, abrasions, breaks, cracks, etc.), caused by careless or improper, contrary to normal use, or repairs of product done by third party.


3.         Goods reclaim means returning to the shop personnel a defect, next sending the product with reclaim form, and copy of purchase proof to the address where the goods are returned (given up the page). The shipment cost is covered by the Buyer. When the information of reclaim with the filled out form is received, the Seller is obliged to consider the reclaim within 14 days. The term of repair or exchange of the goods depends on the manufacturer and is about 14 days.  



VII.      Personal data.


1.         Placing an order at the internet shop the Client agrees to have his data stored in the shop base, retaining his right to see then, correct, and delete from the base.


2.         The Client’s personal data will be processed for the purpose of contract completion, and for a justified marketing goal.  Providing personal data by the Client and agreement that they will be processed are necessary to complete shop orders.


3.         The Seller observes the principles of the act about personal data protection dated 29 August 1997, and the act about rendering services by electronic media dated 18 July 2002. The Clients’ persona; data and their e-mail addresses are made accessible to third party, with exception of companies which mediate payment transactions and suppliers, for whom these data are necessary to effect payments or deliver goods.



VIII.  Cookies policy.


Described cookies policy refers to all internet sites belonging to LEDart Anna Kołomyjska.

            Cookies are small text messages sent by www server and written down at the user’s site (usually on a hard drive). Default parameters of cookies let the information in them be read just by the server generated them. Cookies are usually used in the case of meters, polls, internet shops, sites which necessitate login, commercials, and to monitor the activity of guests.


We employ cookies to:


use the Client’s Panel,

use a Partner Program,

adjust service to the users’ preferences,

yield anonymous data referring to the manner, in which users apply the service,

facilitate movement about the service sites and using it for the users ensure security standards.


We use “permanent” cookies and “session” cookies. “Permanent” cookies remain in an internet browser until they are deleted by user, or until there are deleted as determined by the parameters of cookies file.

            “Session” cookies remain in a browser until it is turned off, or until one has logged out from the site where they were planted.


Cookies files are also used by subject which cooperates with LEDart Anna Kołomyjska – Google Inc. We use Google Analytics and YouTube, which are identified by their own privacy policy:



    Polityka ochrony prywatności Google Analytics >
    Polityka ochrony prywatności YouTube>

All modern browsers let us to turn on or off Cookies (default option is usually „on”). If the user does want to receive cookies files, he may change the settings of his internet browser.


The information how to change settings referring to cookies in particular browsers is available at these sites:



    Internet Explorer >

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    Safari >


Instruction for mobile devices:

    Android >


    iOS (Safari) >
    Windows Phone >



IX.        Final resolutions.


1.         The goods presented at internet shop sites are not a trade offer in accordance to the regulations of Kodeks Cywilny (Civic Code).  The Client placing an order, wills to buy particular goods on conditions enumerated in the product description.


2.         Placing an order equals declaration one has read the regulations of the internet shop and accepted them.


3.         The present Regulations are effective from 25 February 2013, and their statements are applicable to all orders placed on that day.


4.         The shop has the right to modify the Regulations. All modifications of the Regulations are effective from the date they were published at the site , with restriction that orders placed before the date when changes were made, orders are completed according to the Regulations effective no the day order was placed.


5.         The contests of sale contracts closed in the shop are stored in the computer system for the shop for 12 months at least from the date each contract was closed, and the contents of these contracts are made accessible only the contractors. Each Orderer who registered, after logging in has an access to all his sale contracts closed at the shop.


6.         All matters not regulated in the present Regulations are subjected to the laws of Kodeks Cywilny (Civil Code), and other acts, and in reference to consumers also the Act dated 2 March 2000 about the protection of some consumers’ rights, and about liability for damage done by an hazardous product (Dz. U. nr 22 poz. 271 with later changes) and the Act dated 27 July 2002 about particular conditions of consumer merchandise and about changes of the Kodeks Cywilny (Civil Code) (Dz.U. nr 141 poz. 1176).


7.         To apply the Regulations and close a contract Polish law is applicable.


8.         The Buyer may gain an acess to these Regulations any time by means of internet link inseretd in every shop site, or by writing in the direct address: and copy it, or print it out.


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