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  • Opinion #256

    Nowy Sącz, 11.01.2017 r.

    Very efficient purchase, great contact, super packed, good first class. I recommend to all purchases in the company.

    Sebastian Ż.

  • Opinion #154

    Warszawa, 22.01.2015 r.

    LED iluminated image is super :-) Everything works as intended:-) I'm really satisfied! Thank you for wonderful cooperation, help and patience for halfhearted clients ;-) I hope so that it isn't our last transaction:-)

    Urszula K.

  • Opinion #55

    Konstantynów Łódzki, 27.02.2013 r.

    The picture is executed with great care and very fast. The illuminations effect is wonderful. I must admit it is better than I expected. I am very satisfied after this purchase.


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  • Opinion #190

    Gostyń Poznański, 04.08.2015 r.

    Great company and very nice and honest service. Chat on website with customer is a hit, it shortens the time e-mailing and waiting for a response. Great positive for the company :) :)

    Ewelina M.

  • Opinion #151

    Świętochłowice, 16.01.2015 r.

    All the best! The essence of reliability and exemplary partnership in the auction. Solid, reliable and honest seller. Very professional approach to the transaction and communication skills of high caliber. It remains to say : I recommend !

    Marek F.

  • Opinion #156

    Dębowiec, 23.01.2015 r.

    Transaction was very professional, great e-mail contact, quick execution of the order. LED illiminated images are very pretty and solid make. I recommend to all!

    Aleksandra M.

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