LED strip RGB 1m 5050 60 LED IP20 IP65 300 LED

LED Strip PRO 5050 60 IP20 RGB


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Professional RGB LED Strip uses three-color LEDs that allow you to change the color of lighting to almost any desired at the moment. RGB LED strips consist of high-quality 5050 diodes, subject to strict selection at the production stage. Thanks to this, we get a product of high quality and long life. The RGB LED strip has a substrate with increased thickness, which ensures proper cooling of the LED diodes. LED PRO RGB strip is available in two variants of the tightness class, i.e. IP20 - RGB LED strip without gel and IP65 - RGB LED gel strip. The RGB LED Strip from the Professional series includes a 3-year warranty.

LED strip RGB PRO - example application:

- Decorative RGB LED lighting (possibility to change the colors of LED light) → eg decoration with RGB LED wedding halls, RGB LED illumination of events such as: stage performances and parties, decor of restaurants, pubs or cafes.

- LED mood lighting (simple change of the LED light color) → eg RGB LED lighting interior of the beauty salon and SPA, salt cave, Finnish sauna, swimming pool environment.

- Occasional LED lighting (control of RGB LED colors) → eg occasional and Christmas LED RBG lighting.

 S P E C Y F I C A T I O N S:

Type of LED



12 V


14,4 W

Luminous flux 


Protection type



10 mm

Length of LED strip

1 m

Maximum length on the roll

5 m

Number of LED

60 item/m


36 months


The lead time is 1-3 days from recording payment to our account.