LED strip PRO 3528 120 1m IP20 IP65 WW CW NW 600 LED

LED Strip PRO 3528 120 IP20 Warm White


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LED strip lighting spots Professional 3528 120 LED / m have been selected for maximum repeatability of parameters. Thanks to the high density of LED diodes, the LED strip available in this offer emits more light. In addition, Professional LED lighting guarantees high durability, lower voltage drops and uniformity of LED light color throughout the production line of the model. LED strip 3528 120 LED / m, using the appropriate LED profiles and lenses, allows you to create continuous light lines, without visible LED points. In comparison to LED strips 3528 600 LED / 5m from the Standard series, the LED PRO 3528 600 LED / 5m tape distinguishes higher light parameters using LEDs of the same type. The LED strip's substrate is both wider (10 mm) and thicker, thanks to which the heat generated by LED light spots is better dispersed, which ensures its long-term durability. The LED strip 3528 600 LED / 5m is available in three color versions: warm white, cold and neutral and in two classes of tightness: ordinary LED strip - IP20 and gel LED strip - IP65. All LED strip models from the Professional series are covered by a 3-year warranty.

Application LED Strip PRO 3528 120 LED / m:

- LED linear lighting - creating a continuous line of light using appropriate LED profiles and selected lenses

- LED accent lighting elements of interior and landscape architecture

- LED lighting cavities in the wall and recess shelves

- LED furniture lighting in a decorative and functional form

- LED shelves lighting, e.g. glass, illuminated shelves

 S P E C Y F I C A T I O N S:

Type of LED

3528 120 LED


12 V


9,6 W

Luminous flux 

840 - 960 lm

Protection type



10 mm

Length of LED strip

1 m

Mmaximum length on the roll

5 m

Number of LED

120 item/m


36 months


The lead time is 1-3 days from recording payment to our account.