RGB LED strip 1m 5050 60 LED IP20 IP65 Standard 300 LED

LED Strip 5050 60 IP20 RGB


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RGB LED tapes are made of 5050 LEDs, each chip is able to emit light in three different colors: red, green and blue → RGB. Thanks to this, we can obtain a huge number of colors of the RGB LED strip, created by combining these three component colors. The RGB LED strip allows you to choose LED light in almost any color, adequately to the current demand or our mood. For the proper functioning of the RGB LED strip, in addition to the LED driver, we also need an RGB controller that allows setting the desired color. The RGB 5050 LED strip is available in two versions: ordinary (IP20 tightness class) and waterproof (IP65 tightness class).

Application examples RGB 5050 LED strip:

- Decorative RGB LED lighting (with the possibility of changing the LED light colors) → eg lighting decoration of the wedding hall, stage performances, discos, restaurants, pubs.

- LED mood lighting (with the use of a change in the color of LED light) → eg lighting of beauty salons and SPA salons, salt caves, Finnish saunas, swimming pool surroundings.

- Occasional LED lighting (possibility to change RGB LED colors) → eg Christmas lighting, Christmas decorations.

 S P E C Y F I C A T I O N S:

Type of LED



12 V


14,4 W

Luminous flux 


Protection type



10 mm

Length of LED strip

1 m

Mmaximum length on the roll

5 m

Number of LED

60 item/m


24 months


The lead time is 1-3 days from recording payment to our account.