LED strip 2835 60 1m IP20 IP65 Standard WW CW 300 LED

LED Strip 2835 60 IP20 Warm White


The lead time is 1-3 days from recording payment to our account.

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LED strips made of 2835 diodes are characterized by high luminous flux at lower energy consumption, so their efficiency is high. LED strips 2835 are used wherever stronger LED lighting is needed. LED strips 2835, in addition to the decorative function, can also serve as a lighting or additional lighting (eg under kitchen cabinets, above a desk, or as an additional light in the bathroom). LED strip 2835 60 LED is available in two color variants: warm white and cool white, and in two tightness classes: IP20 and IP65. LED strip with a higher class, i.e. IP65, is covered with a gel layer that protects the LED diodes from water and humidity.

Application LED Strips 2835 60 LED 300 LED:

- LED lighting in a suspended ceiling

- Additional LED lighting for living and utility rooms

- LED kitchen lighting → kitchen worktops (under cabinets)

 S P E C Y F I C A T I O N S:

Type of LED



12 V


7,2 W

Luminous flux 

240 - 360 lm

Protection type



8 mm

Length of LED strip

1 m

Mmaximum length on the roll

5 m

Number of LED

60 item/m


24 months


The lead time is 1-3 days from recording payment to our account.